March 15, 2024

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The aerospace industry demands exceptional quality and safety standards, as any failure or deficiency in manufacturing or maintenance processes can have critical consequences. EN9100 certification has become a crucial mark for organizations seeking to demonstrate their commitment to operational excellence and safety in the aerospace sector.

IBERIA COMPOSITECH MANUFACTURING has begun the process of obtaining EN9100 in a committed manner. In order to know what it consists of I show you a small summary:

The EN9100 standard is a specialized variant of ISO 9001, designed specifically for the aerospace sector. By adhering to this certification, companies make a tangible commitment to quality and safety criticality, addressing the particular needs of the aerospace industry. Additional requirements included in EN9100 certification include risk management, component traceability, personnel qualification and competence, among other technical and safety aspects.

Obtaining EN9100 certification is particularly relevant for companies involved in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and service, as it demonstrates their ability to meet the highest quality and safety standards in this highly specialized field. Beyond being a badge of regulatory compliance, EN9100 certification strengthens confidence in the company’s ability to meet the most demanding quality and safety standards in this highly specialized field.

The benefits of EN9100 certification are significant and span key areas of business operation. They include improved operational efficiency, increased reliability and safety in manufacturing and maintenance processes, compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, access to new markets and business opportunities, improved company image and reputation, and reduced costs by identifying and eliminating non-productive or defective activities.

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