Manufacturing Process of Carbon Fiber Parts. Part I

January 12, 2024

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Carbon fiber has become a revolutionary material in various industries due to its strength, lightweight, and design flexibility.

In the current market, one of the leading companies in the manufacture of carbon fiber parts is Iberia Compositech Manufacturing. With their experience and advanced technology, Iberia Compositech is characterized by their efficient and high-quality manufacturing process to meet the demand of their clients.

Conceptualization, design, and development:

The process begins with the conceptualization, design, and development phase, where the engineering team at Iberia Compositech works closely with clients to understand their needs and specifications.

Our expertise, knowledge, and the best software and technologies allow us to achieve the best results for our clients, enabling us to create, visualize, and evaluate the design of the parts before production, as well as design or adapt our clients’ projects to composite materials, mold design, models, and tooling to make manufacturing viable or optimize it.

That’s why the engineering team at Iberia Compositech Manufacturing relies on Dassault Systèmes alongside Principia Ingenieros Consultores

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